I’m at the library, and the computers aren’t all that great, but I finally found the settings tab.

So, since I’m here, I don’t have my SD card handy to post my pictures of the scones. *See comments on About blueberrypastry Page to learn about my scones*

But I will post, and in the meantime, I’d like to mention the cupcakes! For Christmas, my aunt gave me … How did she know? An electric hand mixer and the Betty Crocker BIG Book of Cupcakes! Now, I love making cupcakes, and I’ve been complaining all year about how I lost my hand mixer when I’ve moved, and right now it’s probably sitting in a box in my basement feeling lonely and outdated. Sorry, old mixer.

For the first time using my new presents, I decided to do something simple, and made yellow cupcakes with white buttercream frosting for a few gals I know. The cupcake batter was pretty thick and didn’t water down too well when I added milk, but they turned out fine.

The frosting, however, was a completely different story. Now, for all of us out there who have had their fair share of frosting failures, I am with you. I know how hard frosting can be from my whisk days. I have always had a problem with the consistency of the frosting. The confectioner’s sugar always shows off after it’s all done, and my friends ask me why my frosting is so “demented.” XP

Any suggestions? The mixer didn’t seem to help too much….


From us @ blueberrypastry

Hi guys.

I’m gonna try this, so right now I am looking for a blueberry breakfast bread “B-B-B” or blueberry pastry so I can get rid of my bag of them I bought from the store. Hence the name, blueberrypastry.wordpress.com…

Anyways, comment and share your ideas, and I’ll be posting again soon (hopefully) with pictures after I make something for my grandmother and family to have for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving.

Wish me luck!